Fix problems installing Flmngr

Flmngr doesn't load on the page

Please check that the file manager is correctly installed, loaded, and enabled.

Instructions: N1ED TinyMCE CKEditor 4 CKEditor 5 Drupal Joomla

For other integration types please refer to the installation manual of your integration and go through the steps again to ensure that you have done everything correctly.

Flmngr dialog opens, but it shows the contents of the demo server

It is possible that some other configuration settings are not being applied correctly. Please check that you have correctly linked Flmngr with the server.

Instructions: Configure Flmngr

Flmngr dialog doesn't open or opens but doesn't display files or directories

You need to check your backend.

Instructions: PHP backend Drupal Joomla

Flmngr works fine but inserted images do not display

Check that you correctly specified the URL of your server storage.

Instructions: Set files URL

Inserted images display fine until you check them on the result page

You probably use relative URLs, use absolute URLs instead.

Instructions: TinyMCE CKEditor Drupal Joomla

Unable to upload big files

Please remove the file size limit restrictions in the PHP configuration.

Instructions: How to

Unable to view image previews in Flmngr dialog

Check your PHP GD library is installed on the server.

Instructions: How to

Flmngr displays only images (but not non-image files) in the files list

Check Flmngr call context and the list of accepted extensions.

Instructions: How to

Another problem / Contact support

Still not working?

Check logs, collect more info and ask support