File Manager API reference

Flmngr gives you a powerful API to preload its library, open a file manager/file picker, edit and upload some images, and other features.

This is a new version of Flmngr API available since we released a new NPM package but also available on the other integrations too. Legacy API is still supported and will work, but we recommend migrating to this new API.

Open file manager

Open file manager dialog to let the user pick a file or files.
( { params } )

Edit image, then upload to server

Open the image editor, and when the user presses "Save", upload the resulting image to the server.

( { params } )

Edit image, then return data

Open image editor, return image data when the user saves the image (no uploading to the server).

( { params } )

Upload files or images to server

Programmatically upload specified files to the server with Flmngr backend. No UI, just uploading.

( { params } )

Create image formats for specified image

Resize the image or images to the specified dimensions and get the URL of the new image(s).

( { params } )

Preload the file manager

Preload and preconfigure Flmngr. Can increase the speed of the first Flmngr call and omit parameters you pass to the function.

( { params } )

Check if the file manager is loaded and ready to use

(): boolean

Check if the image editor is loaded and ready to use

(): boolean

Check if both the file manager and the image editor are loaded and ready to use

( checkImgPenToo: boolean ): boolean

Get all supported image extensions

(): string[]

Construct a unique URL to prevent caching

Adds ?no-cache=timestamp URL argument to a specified URL.

( url: string ): string

Let the user specify external URLs

Open a dialog with a field to specify a URL or a list of URLs.

( { params } )

Let the user specify local files from his computer

Opens the native browser dialog to specify files on the local computer. Then you can use the Flmngr.upload() function to upload them or do whatever you want.

( { params } )