How to make file manager load in CKEditor 5

Everything is probably easy when you use a ready-to-use build of CKEditor 5: you just need to make sure you have correctly hosted it, included its script on the page, and copied the initialization code there.

When you install file manager as a plugin, there is a list of things you have to check if file manager is not loaded:

  • Do you see any error messages in the browser console (press F12 in Chrome)? They can give you a hint.
  • Did you import both the Flmngr plugin and add it to plugins configuration parameter?
  • Did you do the same with the standard Image plugin of CKEditor 5 (required for Flmngr)?
  • Did you add the file manager button to the toolbar (toolbar parameter) of CKEditor 5?
  • And lastly, did you rebuild the CKEditor 5 dist that you are using?

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