How to link Flmngr to server

There could be only two reasons why your server cannot "see" your configuration (i.e., the URL of your server).

  1. If you configure Flmngr using the Dashboard, you need to specify the File Manager URL there. Did not applied? This means you did not pass the apiKey parameter into the config. Please copy your API key from the Dashboard and specify it as described in the installation manual for your integration (CKEditor/TinyMCE/Drupal/…).

  2. If you configure Flmngr by passing a configuration directly, check that you correctly pass the urlFileManager and other parameters. In some Flmngr integrations (for example, TinyMCE or CKEditor), you should pass these parameters under the Flmngr section. Please refer to the installation manual for your Flmngr integration to see an example.

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