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Free PHP/Node File Manager with Image Editor
and Amazon S3 and Azure Blob support

JavaScript SDK and PHP/Node backends for uploading and selecting files, managing storage and editing images.
Own server storage is supported.

+ many integrations

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Version 2023.09
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One solution for different use cases


File manager for your WYSIWYG editor

Install Flmngr as a plugin for uploading images and managing your media library.

File manager for WYSIWYG editor

File manager for your CMS

Flmngr has excellent Drupal and Joomla integrations. It will attach to CKEditor/TinyMCE editors you have there.
Need integration into a custom CMS? Scroll this page down.

File manager for Drupal CMS

File manager for an application

Simple integration and flexible file manager API.
The best solution for email marketing software, CRM, and collaboration platforms.

File manager for SaaS app
Fast uploading files

Fast uploading files & images

Upload files and group them into folders and subfolders.

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Simple Browsing

All the standard file management features you expect to have. Browsing, uploading, copying, renaming files, image preview and many more.

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Managing file screenshot
Edit image screenshot

Crop, rotate, resize & edit images

Image first concept is the base of Flmngr file manager. That's why you already have ImgPen image editor as a built-in component.

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Manage image galleries

Multiple selection support and an ability to pass preselected images into the file manager.

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Managing image gallery screenshot
Integration with Unsplash

30000+ free stock photos

Many pictures for your website from Unsplash service right in the file manager.

Cloud storage support

Speed up working with files via cloud storages Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.

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Developer friendly

Clear and detailed documentation with a lot of samples.

API reference

API reference

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