Release notes

v.2023.09 (September 3, 2023)

  • Grouping files by periods when sorted by date (available in Dashboard).
  • Additional fields 'Date' and 'Time' in preview and table listings, along with a special field 'Path' in the find mode (available in Dashboard).
  • Image Gallery: automatic setting of width and height for previews if all selected images have the same proportions (update the backend for this).
  • Most standard file operations are now available in Find mode.
  • Fixed calling the original CKEditor/TinyMCE browse function from the auto toolbar.
  • Fixed sorting order reset when switching the sorting toggle.
  • ImgPen image editor: fixed working with heavy images
  • Image Preview widget: orange hover fix.
  • Improved account verification for new users
  • New pricing table and per-user plans

v.2023.07 (July 1, 2023)

  • Node backend for including into Express, Nest, or custom NodeJS apps.
  • Lets you choose what to do if uploaded files already exist on the server (automatically rename / manually rename / overwrite).
  • The upload dialog shows progress and allows you to abort the uploading. Also, uploads are now multithreaded.
  • Added displaying the total number of files in the current directory.
  • Added a background color for full-screen mode when displaying previews.
  • Files that were uploaded or pasted inside big directories will be shown at the top of the file list.
  • Scrolling to pasted files and selecting them.
  • PHP backend fixes.
  • Increased the speed of accessing S3/Blob cloud storage (better caching).
  • Fixed rewriting of the existing filebrowserBrowseUrl in CKEditor.
  • Fixed selecting of preselected files or images in the Flmngr file manager dialog.
  • Fixed resetting a filter after closing the find dialog in the Flmngr file manager.
  • Fixed generating unique no-cache URLs in the Flmngr file manager.
  • Fixed working with images that have uppercase (or mixed-case) extensions when editing and saving them from the image editor.

v. 2023.06 (June 2, 2023)

  • Added a codec option to the Dashboard to deal with server firewalls filtering requests.
  • Added an API request for clearing cache when using Amazon S3/Azure Blob.
  • Resolved an issue where editing the caption of an inserted image from Flmngr in the CKEditor 5 plugin was not functioning correctly. Please update your plugin or download the latest build.
  • New detailed debugging manual.
  • Improved API documentation.
  • Added an extended list of CodePen live samples.

v. 2023.05 (May 2, 2023)

  • Fixed the issue with applying some configuration parameters in CKEditor 5 plugin.
  • Froala plugin fixes.
  • Added configuration parameters for:
    • sorting directories
    • default file sort order and direction
    • removing a logo (white label)
  • Optimized the bundle size of the file manager.
  • Fixed an option to let picking files with only accepted extensions.
  • Deselecting all files on a click outside of the files in the files panel.
  • Auto scrolling to preselected files on the dialog open.
  • Auto scrolling to uploaded file and selecting it.
  • Flmngr has now its own Dashboard with a full set of configuration.
  • All users now have the ability to create their own API key for free and visually configure it via Dashboard.
  • The new manual on how to get access to Unsplash's free stock images from Flmngr.

v. 2023.03 (Feb 25, 2023)

  • An option to set the number of automatically expanded directory levels at startup.
  • Hook files before uploading them, you can change filenames programmatically there.
  • A codec option to encode/decode request data to bypass some firewalls.
  • More informative error messages and closing a file manager after an error on start.
  • Fixed the problems with special symbols in filenames (especially "#" and "?").
  • Fixed the title of the root directory in Flmngr in some cases.
  • More informative error messages in Flmngr.

v. 2022.11 (Nov 20, 2022)

  • Flmngr NPM package (and also React, Vue, Angular file manager components) released.
  • CKEditor 5 add-on released.
  • New Flmngr API and detailed docs for it, the legacy API will be supported too.
  • Recursive file search over all directories.
  • Compatibility with Drupal 10 fixed or improved.
  • Updated a way to include Flmngr snippet when you are unable to use the NPM package.
  • Test connection button added at configuring Amazon S3 or Azure Blob storage.
  • Documentation for all integrations updated: now it has info on how to retrieve a link to Flmngr API.
  • Code samples updated to demonstrate the new API.
  • Fixed a memory leak in Drupal modules.
  • Fixed disabling a scrollbar after Flmngr call in Drupal.
  • Fixed a directory selection on the file manager open with preselected files in some cases.
  • Fixes in markup (compatibility with Bootstrap 5).
  • Fixed showing long file names in file view.
  • Fixed opening the Flmngr in manager mode (when it does not return the picked file).

v. 2022.8 (Aug 13, 2022)

  • Table view in Flmngr file manager.
  • Flmngr major backend update: it became more secure and supports Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.
  • Now Flmngr when working with the new backend will switch to Flmngr v2 automatically.
  • The Crop tool is available in image editor for Free users.
  • Flmngr toolbar reorganized.
  • Added filter highlighting in Flmngr.
  • Fixed issue with preselected files in Flmngr.
  • Fixed browsing of non-image files in Flmngr.
  • Fixed showing image previews in Flmngr v1 in Drupal.
  • Fixed an error when attaching the file manager field to some forms in Drupal.
  • Fixed respecting permissions of a current user when using user file fields in Drupal.
  • Fixed support of 3rd party modules providing virtual file systems in Drupal.
  • Fixed working with SVG images in Drupal.

v. 2022.5 (May 9, 2022)

  • Flmngr 2 file manager first stable release.
  • Flmngr now has website with documentation and API reference, many CodePen demos are available there. You can use Flmngr within CKEditor/TinyMCE or outside it calling by API (on the same page with CKEditor/TinyMCE or fully separately).
  • Added access to 30000+ free stock images (integration with Unsplash) into Flmngr file manager.
  • Added a feature to reorder images in Flmngr file manager dialog (useful when managing galleries)
  • Flmngr now shows progress of file operations, helpful when working with Amazon S3 or Azure BLOB.
  • Fixed image uploading in Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 extensions when installed into subfolder.
  • Fixed loading of ImgPen image editor on pages with some conflicting 3rd party libraries.

v. 2022.3 (March 9, 2022)

  • Flmngr 2 beta is now available!
    • Image save dialog with format choose and size optimizations.
    • Dynamic non-blocking loading of directories with a lot of files.
    • Fast work with previews. Super fast redesigned cache.
    • Drag'n'drop of files into a file manager area.
    • Opening directory with selected files.
    • Multiple image choosing in the file manager for widgets like Gallery.
    • Non-blocking file uploader.
    • Modern interface based on MUI React library.
    • ...and there are many more changes in Flmngr 2 (update PHP backend or Drupal module to enable it).

Est. 2012

Flmngr project was started in 2012 and lived as a component used on multiple projects: from web services to box software products. For example in 2018 it was included into N1ED WYSIWYG editor.

In 2022 the team decided to show the file manager project as a separate product and published it on its own website. We have an ambitious task to make the most powerful and developer friendly file manager and file picker wish wide features of working with images.