Changelog of N1ED and all related plugins

v. 2022.8 (Aug 13, 2022)

  • Table view in Flmngr file manager.
  • Flmngr major backend update: it became more secure and supports Amazon S3 and Azure Blob.
  • Now Flmngr when working with the new backend will switch to Flmngr v2 automatically.
  • The Crop tool is available in image editor for Free users.
  • Flmngr toolbar reorganized.
  • Added filter highlighting in Flmngr.
  • Fixed issue with preselected files in Flmngr.
  • Fixed browsing of non-image files in Flmngr.
  • Fixed showing image previews in Flmngr v1 in Drupal.
  • Fixed an error when attaching the file manager field to some forms in Drupal.
  • Fixed respecting permissions of a current user when using user file fields in Drupal.
  • Fixed support of 3rd party modules providing virtual file systems in Drupal.
  • Fixed working with SVG images in Drupal.

v. 2022.5 (May 9, 2022)

  • Flmngr 2 file manager first stable release
  • Flmngr now has website with documentation and API reference, many CodePen demos are available there. You can use Flmngr within CKEditor/TinyMCE or outside it calling by API (on the same page with CKEditor/TinyMCE or fully separately).
  • Added access to 30000+ free stock images (integration with Unsplash) into Flmngr file manager.
  • Added a feature to reorder images in Flmngr file manager dialog (useful when managing galleries)
  • Flmngr now shows progress of file operations, helpful when working with Amazon S3 or Azure BLOB.
  • Fixed image uploading in Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 extensions when installed into subfolder.
  • Fixed loading of ImgPen image editor on pages with some conflicting 3rd party libraries.

v. 2022.3 (March 9, 2022)

  • Flmngr 2 beta is now available!
    • Image save dialog with format choose and size optimizations.
    • Dynamic non-blocking loading of directories with a lot of files.
    • Fast work with previews. Super fast redesigned cache.
    • Drag'n'drop of files into a file manager area.
    • Opening directory with selected files.
    • Multiple image choosing in the file manager for widgets like Gallery.
    • Non-blocking file uploader.
    • Modern interface based on MUI React library.
    • ...and there are many more changes in Flmngr 2 (update PHP backend or Drupal module to enable it).
  • Manuals for configuring Flmngr file manager with Amazon S3 and Azure Blob storages.