Debug PHP file manager server side

If the dialog window of your Flmngr file manager opens but cannot display the contents of your storage, it means you have configuration problems with your PHP backend script.

Check file manager URL

First, check what you specified in the "File Manager URL" field in the Dashboard or the Flmngr.urlFileManager parameter. Is the URL correctly served by your server?

Errors in the Network

You can find more info by checking the browser console. Press F12 in the browser, go to the Network tab and find the request to this URL that failed (you need to press F12 before opening the Flmngr). You can click on this request and see the response:

Error Description
HTTP error 404 The error is returned when you incorrectly specified the URL on the client or did not map this URL to the PHP backend on the server.
HTTP error 403 The error can mean some authorization is required. Does your server correctly check authorization cookies before calling Flmngr?
HTTP error 500 The error means some error on the server side. You need to check your PHP server logs like error.log when you use Nginx or Apache. If your backend is served with some framework like Laravel/Symfony/Yii, there could be another place where errors are stored.
HTTP is 200
(fine response)
but the response is not JSON from Flmngr
Probably you mapped this URL to another script.
HTTP is 200
(fine response)
and there is a JSON response from Flmngr but Flmngr shows some error
Probably you have some message in the Flmngr dialog displaying the details.
CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) errors If you serve Flmngr on another domain/subdomain than currently is opened, you need to configure the CORS header. It should be applied on a Flmngr request before the Flmngr PHP script starts to process the request. Here is sample PHP code (you can replace * with the domain with the page you run Flmngr widget on): header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *");
CSRF issues If your website requires having a CSRF token configured, please specify it using urlFileManager__CSRF parameter for this.

Check the items above, and in if you are still unable to find the root of the issue, you can ask our support team, and we will help you.

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