Install Flmngr extension for Joomla 3

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File manager for WYSIWYG editor

Install Joomla 3 extension

Go into the Joomla administration panel and choose ExtensionsManageInstall. Then go to Install from Web tab.

Type flmngr into the search field and click on the result.

Install Joomla extension from Web
Install Joomla extension from Web

Alternatively, you can download the module and install it manually (legacy style).

Install Joomla extension
Install Joomla extension

Note: Don't forget to enable TinyMCE build with Flmngr as Joomla editor.

Enable Flmngr

As far as Flmngr is included in the custom TinyMCE build, you need to enable it. Go into SystemGlobal Configuration and select Flmngr in Default Editor combobox.

Edit global configuration and set editor
Enable build TinyMCE + Flmngr as a default editor

So all file management features are ready to use.

Set API key

Flmngr is a free extension and most of its features go for free. Just some of them are for users who subscribed to the premium plan.

To get access to all premium features set your private API key. For this go to Flmngr configuration page selecting: ComponentsFlmngr file manager. Click Use Premium API key button and specify the API key in the opened window.

Set API key for Flmngr
Set API key for Flmngr