Install file manager plugin for CKEditor

File manager for CKEditor When you already have CKEditor installed, you can just install Flmngr add-on for CKEditor.

In order to install file manager plugin for CKEditor, download it:

… unpack it into plugins/ directory:


and enable it in config.js or using passing parameters directly on programmatical initialization

Configure CKEditor

There are two ways to pass parameters into CKEditor (use one of them):

Example of configuring with using config.js file

CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function(config) {
    config.extraPlugins = "file-manager";
    config.toolbar = [['Upload', 'Flmngr', 'ImgPen']];
    config.Flmngr = {
        urlFileManager: '',
        urlFiles: ''

Example of passing parameters from initialization script

CKEDITOR.replace("editorId", {
    extraPlugins: "file-manager",
    Flmngr: {
        urlFileManager: '',
        urlFiles: ''
    toolbar: [['Upload', 'Flmngr', 'ImgPen']],

Add extraPlugins option if you do not have one. If this option already exists in your config you pass to CKEditor, just append file-manager to existing configuration like plugins: "somePlugin,file-manager"

That's it. Now you are ready to install Flmngr file manager backend.