Install file manager plugin for CKEditor 5

File manager for CKEditor 5

Flmngr installs and a regular CKEditor 5 plugin. Due to CKEditor 5 is a flexible framework, there are a couple of ways to install Flmngr file manager into CKEditor 5 and use all the features including uploader, file manager and image editor.

Way 1

Ready-to-use build of CKEditor 5 with file manager

  • When you just need to install CKEditor 5 from the scratch
  • When you do not wish to make deep CKEditor 5 tuning by recompiling it
Way 2

Install a file manager plugin into your CKEditor 5

  • When you already have CKEditor 5 installed
  • When you develop your own CKEditor 5 custom build
Way 3

Flmngr file manager Drupal module

  • When you use Drupal 10, 9, or 8 with CKEditor 5
  • CKEditor 4 actually is also supported there