Install Flmngr module for Drupal 8

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Flmngr is a module for Drupal which has deep integration into the CMS. It will automatically attach the file manager to all your file choose fields, and place its buttons onto the CKEditor toolbar (configurable individually on each text format).

You will have all the features of file manager and image editor available for use by one who edits Drupal articles and nodes.

This module has n1ed Drupal module as a dependency due to Flmngr uses its JS libraries. So you will need to install the dependency module too.

Download file manager module

If you use Composer to manage your Drupal modules, the easiest way to install Flmngr will be to run a command inside the Drupal installation directory:

composer require drupal/flmngr

Alternatively, you can download and install Flmngr and its dependency (library) module manually:

Install the module

Open your Drupal control panel and go inside Extend section. Press Install new module and choose downloaded files. Do not forget to enable Flmngr after installation.

Install Drupal module
Install Drupal 8 modules one by one
Enable Drupal module
Enable Flmngr module
Enable required module
Enable dependency module

That's all! File management features are ready to use.

File manager for Drupal

Enabling Premium features

If you are premium user you only need to set up a private API key to get access to premium features. Free users do not need to pass this step.

Go to the configuration page selecting Text formats and editors.

Text formats panel
Text formats panel

Choose Full HTML text format to configure the file manager.

Edit 'Full Html' text format
Configure module

To get premium features you need to specify your own key to configure Flmngr: click Use premium API key button for that. In the opened window please specify the API key.

Set API key
Set API key

So all these features are ready to use: file management, recursive file search Image Editor, access to free photo stock Unsplash, and others.

Using Flmngr API

If you wish to implement some custom logic with the Flmngr file manager inside a separate Drupal module, just add the Flmngr module as a dependency and then use Flmngr API for calling the file manager.

To retrieve a link to Flmngr API on the content editing page, please refer to CKEditor 4 Flmngr API page if you use CKEditor 4.

If you use CKEditor 5, the link to API can be got by calling the method Drupal.CKEditor5Instances.get(ckeditor5_id).

There is a sample of API usage on our website: