Install Flmngr file manager for Froala

File manager for Froala

The installation of the file manager and image editor is the same as for any other Froala plugin.

Include plugin scripts

Include this script into your document near the place where you include the main script of Froala:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Configure Froala file manager

Initialize Froala adding parameters about Flmngr server side destination in this way:

let editor = FroalaEditor('#editor', {
    Flmngr: {
        apiKey: "FLMNFLMN",                                  // default free key
        urlFileManager: '', // demo server
        urlFiles: '',             // demo file storage

Install the backend

Now you need to install the Flmngr file manager backend somewhere on your server. Behind the link, there is a manual on how to do it and link with Flmngr Froala add-on.