Let user to specify local files from his computer


( { params } )

Opens a standard dialog of a browser where the user can specify a file or files from their computer for further use by your application.

This method does not open the standard File Manager dialog; instead, it opens just a simple file select dialog of a browser. Please note that this method should not be confused with the Flmngr.open({params}) method.

Then you can pass these files to the Flmngr.upload({params}) method to upload them to your server storage.

Code samples:


  • isMultiple


    Specify whether one or more files will be allowed to be selected.

    Default is false. Optional

  • acceptExtensions


    A list of file extensions that are allowed to be selected.

    For example, you can pass [".doc", ".docx"] if you only want to allow the selection of Microsoft Word documents. You can also specify allowed image extensions here.

    Note: Some legacy versions of browsers (especially their Linux versions) may ignore this parameter. So please double-check the file types selected by the user once you have received them.

    Default is null (all file extensions are allowed). Optional

  • onFinish

    (files: File[])

    This callback will be called after the user successfully selectes some files or images. The files argument will contain an array of standard File entities of a browser.

    Please note that there is no onCancel callback available since browsers do not support it.