Let user to specify external URLs


( { params } )

Opens a dialog where the user can specify a single URL or multiple URLs for further use by your application.

This method will not open a standard File Manager dialog; instead, it will open a simple textbox/textarea in a modal dialog for non-checked input.

Then you can pass these URLs to the Flmngr.upload({params}) method to relocate them to your server storage.


  • ...common parameters

    { any parameters of Flmngr.load() method }

    All parameters that can be passed to the Flmngr.load({params}) method are also available here. So you can override some values (except apiKey) or pass parameters that are missing in the Flmngr.load() call but are required for this method, such as urlFiles and urlFileManager.

  • isMultiple


    This parameter sets the type of dialog that will be opened - either a textbox input for a single URL only or a textarea input where the user can specify one URL per line.

    Default is false. Optional

  • onFinish

    (urls: string[])

    It is called on the user to confirm the specified URL or URLs, and the dialog is closed and returns all user URLs in the same order.

  • onCancel


    It is called when the user presses the cancel button and the dialog is closed.

    Default is null. Optional