TinyMCE file manager FAQ

TinyMCE toolbar configuration

By default, Flmngr in TinyMCE automatically adds its toolbar line to your existing configuration, so there is no need to define the toolbar parameter.

So, you can do nothing or, if you wish to replace this behavior and manually configure the toolbar button by button, please switch to the manual toolbar in the Dashboard and add or change the toolbar:

// Switch to manual toolbar in Dashboard or use an option below: 
/*ui: {
    useAutoToolbar: false
toolbar: [
    // Your existing toolbar configuration
    "cut copy | undo redo | searchreplace | bold italic strikethrough | forecolor backcolor | blockquote | removeformat | code",
    "formatselect | link | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist | outdent indent",

    // Add these buttons as you wish
    "Upload Flmngr ImgPen | Image ImagePreview2 ImageGallery2"

There is also a sample for this: