More features for TinyMCE

N1ED plugins for TinyMCE screenshot
N1ED screenshot: all plugins are installed

You can add more features to your TinyMCE, not just the Flmngr file manager. As far as Flmngr for TinyMCE is just one plugin from N1ED TinyMCE plugins set, you may want to activate them all.

That's easy: just go into your Dashboard and switch the product from the Flmngr file manager to N1ED content builder (Flmngr is embedded there).

If you have the Premium version of the Flmngr, it will continue working there. After that switch, you may use the same Dashboard on this website, or log in to the Dashboard on - they are equivalent.

Screenshot of how to upgrade TinyMCE with a lot of useful plugins
How to add more plugins into TinyMCE